Most colleges have went full on libtard. Well, not Adelphi University. This patriotic college lacrosse team makes an AWESOME entrance onto the field.

While the team is pumped up and running onto the field they play an audio clip from one of Trump's final, most pivotal moments of his campaign trail in 2016.

“In all of our cities and all of our towns, I make this promise. We will make America strong again. We will make America proud again. We will make America safe again. And we will make America great again.”

If that's not enough they are waving the American flag. Long Island, New York is where Adelphi University is located. Check out this group of bad*sses.

Patriotic College Lacrosse Team, Adelphi Lacrosse Team

How long before the liberal media loses their mind over this and cries racism? These young men are patriotic and stand behind President Trump. You gotta love their enthusiasm for their country. Watch the video.

Patriotic College Lacrosse Team Adelphi University

Why isn't the national media reporting this story. Instead we found it on a page called Barstool Sports. This is definitely a site that has its moments with good content, as you can see.

Isn't it good to see a college that backs our president? Like and share this story on Facebook if you stand with the Adelphi University Lacrosse team.

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