We are massive fans of conservative actor and patriot James Woods. Recently he has destroyed Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Up next? Hollywood.

You might find it interesting that Hollywood has many closet Donald Trump fans. James Woods is definitely "in the know" and he claims that there are many of his colleagues who share his love for conservative values. They are just too afraid to speak up. As it turns out, hip hop superstar Kanye West claims the same thing. Woods bought he heat when he tweeted this quote from Kanye West:

It's only a matter of time before more people step out and show their true colors. Now that someone from the hip hop community has stepped up and made their support for Trump public, this could be what really gets the ball rolling.

There were some incredible responses on Twitter to James Woods' tweet. Check them out:

As more and more people from Hollywood step out from the Democratic plantation, more will follow their lead. More and more actors, rappers, etc. will announce their conservative values. The fans they are losing from the left will be replaced by those from the right. There is plenty of room for Hollywood stars on the right to go along with Tim Allen and James Woods. Jump in, the water is warm!

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