While the March for Our Lives was going on, Parkland student Alex Wind said that the NRA doesn't want to arm teachers, but they are looking to take things a step further.

After the tragedy in Parkland, Florida, many people are looking for different ways to keep the students safe. One of the proposals was to arm and train teachers how to respond when faced with an active shooter.

Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd backed the proposal as a shooting like this usually only lasts about two to four minutes, while it takes five minutes for police to respond.

It has been supported by some Parkland students as well. Just not the students who are making it on TV. It was pointed out that if assistant football coach Aaron Feis had his firearm with him he would have been able to stop the shooter when he came face to face with him.

Though some support this measure, many others feel that this would place an undue burden on teachers.

Wind feels that arming the teachers would start a slippery slope. On Saturday he said this:

“If teachers start packing heat, are they going to arm our pastors, ministers, and rabbis? Are they going to arm the guy scanning tickets at the movie theater? Are they going to arm the person wearing the Mickey Mouse costume at Disney?”

Wind even pointed out that the NRA wants all of these people armed and the event attendees "will not stand for it."

“We would not need metal detectors and clear backpacks and more weapons in our streets if there weren't weapons of war in the hands of civilians,” Wind continued.

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