This is about as bad as it gets when it comes to parenting. In this viral YouTube video, parents explain masturbation to young children. Cringeworthy! They are so embarrassed, but there is no escaping the awful parenting exhibition that these poor parents are putting them through.

Per Paul Joseph Watson of Infowars:

A new viral video that was allowed to enter YouTube’s ‘trending’ category shows parents ‘explaining masturbation’ to their children, some of whom appear to be as young as 8-years-old.

The clip includes one woman remarking to two young girls how “masturbation is when you touch your privates in different ways to make yourself feel good – isn’t that right?”

Another clip shows a mother simulating the masturbation action with her hand in front of her son, while another shows a mother telling her daughter how, “Your big sissy did it quite a bit when she was little.”

In another scene, a large pink dildo is slammed down by a man in front of a girl who looks to be no older than 9 or 10. Another young girl is shown picking up and playing with the dildo.

“This is to simulate an erect penis – that’s why you don’t need a boy,” one mother tells her two daughters, who appear to be adopted.

WARNING: This video is super disturbing, watch at your own discretion.

Parents Explain Masturbation to Young Children

These poor children are extremely uncomfortable throughout the entire video.

These parents are sick and should not be able to put their children through embarrassing moments like this. Even worse, it should not be shown on the Internet by way of viral YouTube videos. It shows how sick some people are. They will do literally anything to make a buck.

Like and share this story and expose how disgusting these parents are for exposing their children for profit.

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