Almost fix years ago Oregon bakers refused to make a cake for a same-sex wedding. The court ruled the bakers will have to pay them $135,000 in damages.

Gresham Bakery has since closed. Aaron and Melissa Klein, the owners of the bakery, argued that it is a violation of state and federal laws when they are forced to pay emotional-distress damages of $135,000 to the lesbian couple.

Oregon Bakers Who Refused To Make Wedding Cake For Lesbian Couple

Per Daily Mail:

Their lawyers said Avakian and the state Bureau of Labor and Industries violated the Kleins' rights as artists to free speech, their rights to religious freedom and their rights as defendants to a due process.

But the Oregon Court of Appeals sided with the state Thursday, saying the Kleins failed to show the state targeted them for their religious beliefs. 

The judges also found public statements made by Avakian before deciding the case did not establish a lack of impartiality.

'Today's ruling sends a strong signal that Oregon remains open to all,' Avakian said after the 62-page opinion was released Thursday.

The decision comes weeks after the U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments in the high-profile case of a Colorado baker who refused to make a wedding cake for a same-sex couple.

That baker, Jack Phillips, claims his First Amendment claims of artistic freedom were being violated - a similar issue raised by the Kleins.

The Oregon court said the Kleins' argument that their cakes entail an artistic expression is 'entitled to be taken seriously,' but it's not enough for the couple to assert their cakes are pieces of art - they must show others perceive their creations like a sculpture or painting.

Nothing is out of the question in liberal Portland. All of the bakeries out there competing for business and these two lesbians push their agenda and try to force a Christian bakery to make their cake. Even worse they successfully sue the bakery when they won't do it.

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