The mainstream media is all over it. Oprah Winfrey announces she's running for president in 2020*. Notice that asterisk there? It means something.

The asterisk means she's really not running for president. Someone needs to tell the media she hasn't officially announced it yet.

NBC News just jumped right in and confirmed she is running in 2020.

Nothing but respect for OUR future president.

— NBC (@nbc) January 8, 2018

Note: they have since deleted the tweet. Luckily the internet is forever.

Oprah Winfrey Announces She's Running For President, NBC News Oprah tweet

Then there's Wikipedia. They were wrong as usual. There was an entry that read, "Oprah Winfrey basically announced her run for the presidency on Jan. 8, 2018, at the 75th Golden Globe Awards." First that was January 7. Second, she didn't.

Say what you want, but there was some magic in the air when Oprah accepted her Cecil B. DeMille award for lifetime achievement. It was a nine-minute speech that moved many people.

The speech touched on many different issues including life experiences of Rosa Parks and Recy Taylor along with discussion the Hollywood sex scandal and empowerment of women.

"So I want all the girls watching here and now to know that a new day -- is -- on -- the -- horizon," she said in a way that made you think yeah she's a politician.

Per Daily Wire:

During the ceremony, "Oprah Winfrey For President" was floating in the L.A. air, wafting through the Beverly Hills Hotel where the elite celebrities of Tinseltown had gathered to laud themselves after another year of raking in billions of dollars.

In his opening monologue, host Seth Meyers took credit for spurring Donald Trump to run in 2016, saying he dressed him down at a D.C. media party in 2011.

"So if that's true, I just want to say: Oprah, you will never be president! You do not have what it takes! And Hanks! Where's [Tom] Hanks? You will never be vice president! You are too mean and unrelatable!

"Now we just wait and see," Meyers said to laughter.

And he's exactly right. Hollywood — and the hardcore Left — would love nothing more than for Oprah to run in 2020. And Oprah — worth a whopping $3 billion — is just 63: She'd be younger moving into the White House than Trump was. Plus, what other world does she have to conquer? Everything she touches turns to gold, so why not give politics a spin?

Forget that she doesn't know a thing about foreign policy. Trump didn't (and it's certainly arguable that neither did Barack Obama or George W. Bush, given their performances in that realm). She has "It." Her speech was amazing not only for its power, but the fact that she delivered it extemporaneously (unless the text was scrolling on an unseen TelePrompter).

Would she actually do it? Her longtime partner Stedman Graham said yes. “It's up to the people. She would absolutely do it."

#Oprah2020 quickly started trending on Twitter, with several people pointing out she could just adopt Obama's campaign logo, a big red, white and blue O.

For her own part, Oprah was asked after her rousing speech if she'd run for president. "She paused, cracking a sly smile. 'Okaay!'" wrote the Los Angeles Times.

Is it really a possibility? Sure. Will it happen? It's a long way from going down. Can you imagine debates between Oprah and Donald Trump? Talk about a box office draw.

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