There is trouble in Ohio for John Kasich. Ohio Governor John Kasich pushes to accept more refugees and is now getting destroyed for it. Details have surfaced about the OSU attack. The attacker was a Somali refugee. He was able to enter the state under the federal government's refugee resettlement program.

Ohio Governor John Kasich

Ohio Governor Kasich Pushes to Accept More Refugees

Why does this matter for Kasich? It's a federal program, right? Well Kasich supported it and it allowed thousands of refugees into his home state of Ohio.

The governor sent his thoughts and prayers to the victims, but this did not stop the onslaught. Angry citizens headed to Twitter to not Kasich know how they feel.

Kasich was a big-time supporter of President Obama's refugee program. He is down on Trump's plan to curb the flow of Muslims into the United States.

“When I look at immigration, I look at a new level of energy. I look at immigration as an opportunity,” Kasich told The Huffington Post last summer. “We want people to come to Ohio. We want to integrate these folks." Kasich emphatically continued, "We want them to become part of our economic dynamo.”

Unfortunately, the United States is leaving itself open to these attacks by not properly vetting immigrants that come into the United States. In Obama's America, this is a reality.


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