Democratic darling and Bernie Trump supporter Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez butted heads with President Trump after being asked whether or not she thought President Trump was a racist. Her response was an immediate, "No question".

Of course, all liberals think that Trump is a racist as well as anyone who supports him.

Reporters then asked President Trump what he thought about what AOC said. President Trump, who quickly brushed it and Ocasio-Cortez off.

Trump responds to Ocasio-Cortez calling him a racist:

Reporter: “Mr. President, congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez called you a racist”

Trump: “Who did?”

Reporter: “Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez”

Trump: “Who cares”

AOC, of course, felt like she had to get the last word in responded back:

“I bartended for *years* in New York City. I understand guys like this like the back of my hand. We got under his skin.  ? "

“I’d say we’d be taxing 70% of Trump’s income, but he probably hasn’t made more than $10 million in years—and that’s the real reason he’s hiding his taxes. 😉 "

Fox News reports,

Ocasio-Cortez recently floated the possibility of a 70 percent tax on the wealthy to fund the proposed 'Green New Deal.' Trump's tax returns, meanwhile, have been a recurring and contentious topic ever since his time on the campaign trail in 2016, as he refuses to release the financial information. Trump has claimed his tax returns are complicated and has maintained he will not release them while they are under audit by the Internal Revenue Service.

Earlier this month, House Democrats moved to target his tax returns, as part of a broad ethics reform package that amounts to their first major piece of legislation since reclaiming the majority. The package as a whole aims to make voter registration and polling access easier for citizens, in addition to tightening election security, but also requires presidents to disclose at least 10 years of their tax returns to the public.

The section on the bill's Presidential Tax Transparency reads, “Requires sitting Presidents and Vice Presidents, as well as candidates for the Presidency and Vice-Presidency to release their tax returns."

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