Chicago is an extremely liberal city, which sits in the middle of the blue state of Illinois, but change is coming. Obama's hometown newspaper rejects Hillary.

Obama's Hometown Newspaper Rejects Hillary

While Chicago is still extremely liberal, this is big time progress. The Chicago-Tribune is the newspaper of record for Chicago. That's right, the city that is President Obama's hometown and the childhood home of Hillary Clinton. The Chicago-Tribune just released their editorial board's selection for president and it has left many people stunned.

The Tribune passed on both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Instead they have opted to endorse Libertarian Gary Johnson.

The Tribune stated, “This is the moment to see this election as not so much about them (the candidates) as about the American people and where their country is heading. And this is the moment to rebuke the Republican and Democratic parties.”

Why was Hillary eliminated from being their endorsement? It was because of her “intent to greatly increase federal spending and taxation, and serious questions about honesty and trust.”

As for Trump? He was just deemed to be "not fit" to be a president. Basically he was rejected because he is not liberal.

Obama's Hometown Newspaper Rejects Hillary

This is a major snub for Hillary Clinton. She assumed she would have no problem getting votes in liberal-packed Chicago.

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