Wikileaks has really exposed the Democratic Party. Well they're not done. They also leaked that Obama wanted to build a fence to improve border security.

Obama Wanted to Build a Fence to Improve Border Security

This email was sent in September, 2008.

Per Western Journalism:

Obama Wanted to Build a Fence

“Securing our borders will not solve the illegal immigration problem in isolation, but combined with an earned path to citizenship for the undocumented and new legal alternatives to unauthorized entry, some additional fencing could help get the border under control,” states the memo.

Under a section titled “Fencing,” it was clear that Obama believed a physical barrier, though not stopping all illegal immigration, would at least make illegal entry in the country difficult.

“[Obama] supports physical fencing along the border under very specific circumstances, where it makes sense as a matter of security and to act as a deterrent to unsafe undocumented entry,” the memo says. “Additional fencing on the border is not a comprehensive solution, but it sometimes helps deter people from taking the risk of entering illegally.”

President Obama has been very open with his stance to open borders. Well, things always haven't been this way. Like and share on Facebook to help expose the flip flopping idiot Obama is.


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