Trump has been slammed by the left for "build the wall" and the "#MuslimBan." Let's take a look back at Obama on immigration in 2005 for #TBT. Check it out.

Obama on Immigration in 2005

You see, at one point Barack Obama was not that different in his views on illegal immigrants. “We simply cannot allow for people to pour in, undocumented and unchecked.” Isn't this what a will will do if built between the United States and Mexico? The "#MuslimBan" is to make sure that the proper vetting takes place before people from these countries enter the United States. I use quotations around #MuslimBan because it is NOT a Muslim Ban.

With secure borders, what is a country? At one Barack Obama saw this just as we do. Somewhere down the line he lost his mind. two days before the inauguration of Trump, President Obama turned away 91 Cubans that were headed to the United States. He shipped them straight back to Cuba.

Like and share this on Facebook so we can expose the hypocrisy that comes from the left on a daily basis. Is it important for a country to have borders. It is important to immigrants to come into this country legally. Finally, it is important to keep the safety of American citizens when allowing people into this country. These are things the left continues to forget.

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