Everyone knows that Obama is doing all he can to protect Hillary. Well now, Obama delays releasing info that could end Hillary Clinton.

President Obama's State Department do not plan on releasing Hillary Clinton's official meeting calendars until more than a month after the November election. This was reported by the AP.

Obama Delays Releasing Info That Could END Hillary

These calendars have sparked loads of controversy. The ones that have already been released showed that Hillary met with major Clinton Foundation donors and these meetings were hidden by the staff.

Earlier this year, about 7 months ago, a federal judge asked for these schedules to be released. This was part of a lawsuit by the AP. The AP has been asking for these since 2010.

The AP had already been asking for these records for 6 years. They planned on getting them October 15, 2016. The State Department replied that the records would be ready December 30th, which as you know, is after the election.

Obama Delays Releasing Info That Could END Hillary

“The schedules drew new attention this week after The AP analyzed the ones released so far,” Associated Press wrote. “The news agency found that more than half the people outside the government who met or spoke by telephone with Clinton while she was secretary of state had given money — either personally or through companies or groups — to the Clinton Foundation. The AP’s analysis focused on people with private interests and excluded her meetings or calls with U.S. federal employees or foreign government representatives.”

Clinton continues to maintain that she has nothing to hide. Perhaps this is because the State Department is hiding everything.

Hillary told CNN:

“These are people I would be proud to meet with, as any secretary of state would have been proud to meet with, to hear about their work and their insights.”

For years now Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have been delaying this and hoping it will go away. They used the same tactic for the email scandal.

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