Obama and Hillary aren't what they seem they are. Check out this video where Obama called Hillary a liar. He says she will say anything and change nothing! Here is video evidence if you don't believe me.

Obama Called Hillary a Liar

So why is Obama now on TV backing Hillary? Instead of doing his job, he is traveling around the country telling people to vote for Hillary Clinton. I don't know who is more fraudulent, Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama. "Hillary Clinton will say anything to get elected." After his 8 year run as president, is is hard to remember him saying anything this factual. Best of all he stamps his name on it. "I'm Barack Obama, campaigning for president and I approve this message."

It is important people do not forget about these things Obama said about Hillary. These weren't just passing comments he said out of anger. He looked back at Hillary Clinton's past and came up with facts that back up the claims he made in these videos.

We need to do everything we can to get this video out to the mainstream. The liberal media is not doing their part in showing these video. Please like and share on Facebook so everyone can see this. While they pretend to be friends, this video shows otherwise.

obama called hillary a liar

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