On Tuesday, the FBI announced that they would not recommend indicting against Hillary Clinton. This despite her mishandling classified material. On this same day, Hillary and Obama took off on the campaign trail.

Many people are beyond irritated that Obama is spending taxpayer dollars to campaign for this corrupt individual. People noticed something he brought to the rally and only became angrier and more disgusted.

While Hillary Clinton was on stage making her pitch, social media users pointed out that President Obama brought his own official presidential podium to the rally.

So yeah, Hillary Clinton was standing at a podium that says "President of the United States" on it.

President Obama didn't even use the official president lectern when campaigning in 2012.

So earlier in the day she is ousted as being careless and reckless, then gets to carry the seal of the president of the United States that evening? Got it.

In November, people need to make sure that she never speaks from behind this again.

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