On Sunday night Barack Obama made his first public remarks about proposed health care legislation. Obama begged Congress to have the 'courage' to save the disaster that is known as Obamacare. This was days after the House Republicans voted in favor of the new legislation 217 to 213. It has now moved on to Senate and if it passes it is going to repeal and replace the majority of Obamacare.

Obama Begged Congress to Save Obamacare

“As everyone here now knows, this great debate is not settled, but continues,” Obama said while speaking at the John F. Kennedy Library while accepting the annual Profile in Courage Award. “It is my fervent hope, and the hope of millions, that regardless of party, such courage is still possible. That today’s members of Congress, regardless of party, are willing to look at the facts and speak the truth, even when it contradicts party positions.”

“I hope that current members of Congress recall that it actually doesn’t take a lot of courage to aid those that are already powerful, already comfortable, already influential, but it does require some courage to champion the vulnerable, and the sick, and the infirmed,” Obama continued.

“I hope they understand that courage means not simply doing what’s politically expedient, but doing what, deep in our hearts, we know is right.”

“Those who often have no access to the corridors of power.”

“I have said before that I believe what Dr. King said — that the arc of the moral universe bends, but it bends towards justice. I have also said that it does not bend on its own, but it bends because we bend it, and we put our hand on the arc and we move it in the direction of justice and freedom and equality and kindness and generosity. It does not happen on its own.”

Obama was also gracious enough to mention the Democratic Congress members in 2010 who all voted in favor of the Affordable Care Act, but then lost their seats later on as a direct result of it.

“These men and women did the right thing, the hard thing, and theirs was a profile in courage, and because of that vote, 20 million people got health insurance that didn’t have it before.”

Good luck, Obama. It looks like your legacy accomplishment is getting thrown in the dumpster.

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