More and more Obama corruption being revealed. The Obama administration "sabotaged a DEA operation to stop Hezbollah smuggling drugs into the US and helped the militant group grow into a global threat so the Iran nuke deal would go ahead."

Per Daily Mail:

In a stunning exposé by Politico, the former President's Justice Department is said to have facilitated the Lebanese terror group's trafficking and money laundering operations by blocking the arrest of key Hezbollah figures.

Donald Trump's White House slapped at his predecessor Sunday night, with press secretary Sarah Sanders tweeting that the story shows a contrast of 'President Trump's success against ISIS vs. President Obama's appeasement of terrorists.'

And a Republican House leadership aide told on Monday that the Obama White House 'was the worst of the worst when it came to fighting terrorism in the ways that mattered most.' 

The Drug Enforcement Administration in 2008 began a complex operation called Project Cassandra to tackle Hezbollah - which was founded in the 1980s by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.

But as the Obama administration worked towards a deal to stop Iran's nuclear program in return for the lifting of economic sanctions, the DEA's work got more difficult, Politico reports.   

It is claimed Obama's people threw down a number of roadblocks, effectively paving the way for Hezbollah's $1bn-a-year illegal activities including cocaine smuggling in partnership with the Zeta cartel to continue.

DEA agents claim the Obama administration stopped them arresting key figures linked to Hezbollah as an agreement on the Iran nuclear deal approached - and scrapped Project Cassandra entirely once the terms were agreed in 2015.

Hezbollah's  $1 billion-a-year international criminal operation 

  • International drug smuggling operation founded by mastermind of bombing of Beirut bombing that killed 241 US marines in 1983
  • The organisation is now expected to be working with the Zetas cartel to smuggle tonnes of cocaine into the United States 
  • One of the world's top cocaine traffickers called 'The Ghost' is a Hezbollah operative
  • Same man accused of selling chemical weapons to Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad 
  • Hezbollah launders its drugs profits by allegedly shipping used cars from America to Africa and selling them 
  • Money laundering also takes place through South America, the Middle East and the US
  • Lebanese arms dealer Ali Fayad is a suspected top Hezbollah operative, according to Politico, and is believed to report to Vladimir Putin 
  • Fayad is accused of plotting the murder of American government workers 
  • Venezuala’s vice president Tareck El Aissami is believed to be deeply involved in cocaine trafficking and is an ally of Hezbollah 
  • Hezbollah is believed to be providing weapons and training to anti-American Shiite militias 
  • An alleged Hezbollah drugs kingpin is based in Colombia and is accused of working with the Zetas cartel to smuggle cocaine into the US 
  • Proceeds from the operations were allegedly used to design new IEDs that killed US troops in Iraq

This is an incredible story. You can find more details at Politico.

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