NYT Columnist Calls Trump the ‘Greatest Con Man in US History’

Wow. New York Times columnist David Brooks spoke about an article that was published about Trump and his tax returns during an interview on MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports.”

Democrats are demanding that President Trump release his tax returns from more than 25 years ago.

According to Breitbart, Brooks went on to describe Trump as “the greatest con man in American history.” His reasoning behind the statement? Trump was a successful businessman and then “conned” Americans into voting for him as president.

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How is that a con? I fail to see his viewpoint. In that case, every single person who has been elected is a conman. They had to convince people to vote for them. Which, in that sense, is conning. Is it not?

Brooks continued, “He is the greatest con man in American history. This is before he became president. He conned us all into thinking he was a successful businessman, and when people realized he was not, he conned people into electing him president. He did it through a lot of nefarious ways.”

“There’s a lot underlying there that we need to prove and that’s why we need the tax returns,” Brooks added.

Trump is the best president we have had since Ronald Reagan. If we were “conned” into electing him, as Brooks claims, then I am not even upset about it. I would vote for Trump a hundred times over after seeing how amazing our country is thriving under his leadership.

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