It's hard to say who looks worse in this situation: the New York Mets or New York City Mayor and failed presidential candidate Bill de Blasio.

This plan from de Blasio surfaced after New York Governor Andrew Cuomo was releasing 900 city inmates with a new bail-reform law set to go into effect.

De Blasio decided that he would lure the criminals back for their court dates with free gifts, including Mets tickets, free movie passes and gift cards.

“You’re literally rewarding them for committing a crime,” a senior staffer in Manhattan Criminal Court told the New York Post.

Just when you think the combo of Cuomo and de Blasio can't get any dumber, they come up with this.

More on the story from The Political Insider:

It’s obvious that Cuomo and De Blasio have taken the next logical step in catering to their fan base – criminals. It’s no longer enough to woo illegal aliens, they need people who have graduated to bigger crimes.

Of the over 400 offenses committed by the inmates being showered with gifts, the Post reports, some include “criminally negligent homicide, aggravated assault on a child under 11 and selling drugs on or near school grounds.”

Because what person facing years behind bars for homicide wouldn’t come back to court when they have the chance to catch the matinee viewing of Frozen 2?

Despite being widely panned, De Blasio is actually defending his gifts for cons program.

“In a world where we want speedier trials and we want the justice system to work, if small incentives are part of what actually makes it work, then that’s a smart policy,” insisted De Blasio.

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This is completely insane. Giving criminals gifts to do things they are legally required to do. When you think this idiotic duo can't sink any lower they do this.

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