Ohio State defensive end Nick Bosa was drafted second overall by the San Francisco 49ers. Unsurprisingly some liberal San Francisco 49ers fans were triggered by the selection.

Earlier this month Bosa told ESPN that he removed the political tweets he had created. Some of the tweets he deleted were anti-Colin Kaepernick, pro-Trump and anti-Beyonce. He did it in preparation of being drafted by a West Coast team such as San Francisco.

Here are some of Bosa's tweets:

kaepernick is a clown, Nick bosa tweets

climate change and bathrooms

nick bosa black panther

nick bosa trump reagan

The Beyonce tweet just said, "Beyonce's music is complete trash."

Why is this such a big deal or even something people are talking about? Because Nick Bosa knows how things work. These tweets would have been discovered on draft night and would have been the story of the night. "Racist Bosa Loves Trump!" The headlines would have been brutal.

This proves that it's okay to have controversial stances as long as you have the talent to back it up. The only problem is these stances are not controversial at all. What is so bad about supporting your president? Are we not allowed to choose what kind of music we like? There are plenty of non-racists who don't enjoy the music of Beyonce. Also, it's widely recognized that if not for the social aspect of it, Black Panther would not have received nearly the recognition it did.

Let's imagine if a conservative athlete did take as strong of a stance as Bosa did. Let's say he decided to take a knee in opposition of gay marriage being legal. Can you imagine? He'd be released before he could get up off of his knee.

It's no surprise that Jemele Hill was triggered by the 49ers selection. Fate would have it she's a 49ers fan.

Why is she so against the 49ers taking Bosa. Because he likes Trump and does not enjoy the music of Beyonce? Is that all it takes? Then turn in your fan card because there are players like that on every team.

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