Where do we start when it comes to the NFL's leading SJW Michael Bennett? He is a racebaiting liar. He falsely accused Las Vegas police officers of racially profiling him. He refuses to stand for the national anthem as a member of the Seattle Seahawks. Disgustingly, despite all of this, he was nominated as the Seattle Seahawks man of the year. Well he's not done. Now he attempts to break the legs of Jaguars center Brandon Linder.

Watch the extremely dirty play here:


Keep in mind that this was during a kneel down situation. The game had already been decided. During these plays there is an unspoken rule that everyone backs off and the play is a mere formality.

Why isn't the media going after Bennett the way they did Rob Gronkowski last week? Because the media protects social justice warriors and Michael Bennett is the NFL's leading social justice warrior. This is despite all of the evidence that shows Bennett is a total scumbag.

Why would the media continue to predict this guy? They play for the same team. The far left media protects the far left players of the NFL.

Remember when the Las Vegas police department proved he was a liar? Here is video from TMZ that proved it.

NFL's Leading Social Justice Warrior Michael Bennett Busted Lying

It was proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that Bennett lied to the police. Despite this there was no mainstream media that covered the story. All of the networks that broadcast NFL games led off their telecasts talking about the racism that Bennett endured.

NBC had an exclusive interview with Bennett the week his lies went down. Finally, he was going to be held accountable for the lies he told. WRONG. NBC did not even address the issue. They did not even mention the incident.

Despite this the Seahawks have nominated Michael Bennett for man of the year. Yes, that is serious. Here's proof:

Man of the Year Michael Bennett?!?!

So Michael Bennett accuses the Las Vegas police of racially profiling him and gets caught. He refuses to stand during the national anthem. Then he 100% without a doubt tries to injure a player on the other team. What kind of punishment does he get? He gets nominated to be the NFL Man of the Year!

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