More NFL Thuggery – Seahawks Played Verbally Abuses Officers, Brags of Earnings – VIDEO

The dreaded body camera footage exposes more NFL thuggery. Seahawks defensive end Malik McDowell verbally abuses officers in disgusting footage.

The video lasted four minutes. Long enough to know what a scumbag this young millionaire is. He called the female police officer a “b*tch” and the male officer the n-word. He bragged about his wealth. How did he justify his conduct? By claiming he paid $1 million in taxes.

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Due to a concussion in an ATV accident in July, McDowell is not currently an active player. He was arrested early Sunday morning after getting in an altercation outside of a nightclub in the Atlanta suburb of Chamblee. The altercation was reportedly over money.

Per Daily Mail:

‘B***h, I got money, that’s why I can talk s**t…you’ll be a broke b***h for the rest of your life,’ he rants. ‘B***h, I got lawyer money…I’m rich, b***h, dumbass n***er…I got a lot of f***ing money, you brokea** n***res.’

As a second-round, 35th overall draft pick, McDowell signed a four-year, $6.95million contract with the Seahawks in the spring.

Even after he was handcuffed and bundled into the back of the squad car, McDowell carried on berating the cops in the harshest of terms – and arguing that as a top-bracket taxpayer, he had the right to do so.

‘I paid a million in taxes this f***ing year. If I wanna call that b***h a b***h, I can,’ he tells the male officer, referring to his female partner. ‘Yes, I can. If I wanna call every officer a b***h, I can.’

But the officer seems unconvinced by McDowell’s argument and points out that he paid his taxes in Seattle, not in the City of Chamblee.

‘We didn’t get paid on that – Seattle police did,’ the cops maintains. ‘We’ve been paid off City of Chamblee taxes. You can go to Seattle and call everybody you want a b***h.’

Once he is brought to the police station, McDowell insists that he did nothing unlawful, arguing that his calling an officer ‘a b***h’ does not merit a disorderly conduct charge.  

More NFL Thuggery

Every day we see more and more NFL thuggery. At what point does it end? The bad part is this entitled, “suppressed” man makes millions of dollars to play a game. Don’t count on him having much of his “millions” left here in a few years.

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