Here is a nice Newt flashback. Remember when Megyn Kelly called Trump a "sexual predator?" Watch this video where Newt Gingrich unloads on Megyn Kelly.

Newt did a good job of pushing Megyn Kelly's comments to the side and point out how the Republicans were outvoting the Democrats in some states, such as Pennsylvania. If you recall, Trump did win Pennsylvania, so that was an excellent point by Newt.

How about this heated exchange?

Newt Gingrich Unloads on Megyn Kelly

Megyn Kelly: he had a rough first debate. He took the bait on Alicia Machado. He stayed in that trap for a week. The Access Hollywood tape came out. Which was not produced by Hillary Clinton. (Does she have proof of that?) That was Trump on camera talking…

Newt Gingrich: Megyn, I just heard you go through this with Governor Pence. I get it. I know where you’re coming from. Let me point out something to you. The three major networks spent 23 minutes attacking Donald Trump that night and 57 seconds Hillary Clinton’s secret speeches. You don’t think this is a scale of bias worthy of Pravda and Izvestia?

Megyn Kelly: If Trump is a sexual predator that is…

Newt Gingrich: He’s not a sexual predator.

Megyn Kelly: OK that’s your opinion.

Newt Gingrich: You cannot defend that statement

Megyn Kelly: I think your defensiveness on this may speak volumes, sir.

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