Even with everything going on right now, there are still officers who are using excessive force and causing more riots. This time it happened in Rochester, New York.

This incident actually took place months ago, but it just becoming a mainstream media event in order to add fuel to the fires burning down the cities of our country.

Joe Prude called police to help with his brother, Daniel Prude, who he says was having a “mental episode.”

Daniel Prude was restrained by officers of the Rochester Police Department after walking outside naked in the middle of the night. Apparently, Prude was spitting at the police, so they placed a “spit hood” over his head. During the interaction, Prude tried to stand up and was subsequently forced onto the ground by three officers. After a couple of minutes, Prude stopped breathing in all-too-familiar outcome.

Unfortunately, Rochester’s mayor was quick to spin the situation as being racially influenced.

As CNN reported,

“The mayor told reporters on Thursday that she had been misled by the city's police chief, who she said led her to believe the man died in police custody of an overdose. She saw the body camera footage for the first time nearly a month ago, Warren said.

“Prude was failed by many officials before and during the March 23 incident, the mayor said. He would have been treated different if he was White, she said.

“’Institutional structural racism led to Daniel Prude's death. I won't deny it. I stand before it and I call for justice upon it,’ Warren said.”

The predictable cycle continued as protests and violence broke out. According to The Washington Examiner,

“Protests in Rochester, New York, turned violent on Friday night.

“Large volumes of activists came to protest the police-involved death of Daniel Prude, a black man.

“In one incident, a bus stop was set on fire.”

Other examples of violence include setting off commercial-grade fireworks directed at police as seen below.

Sadly, this is a road that we've been down many times this year. The answer is not defunding police nor is it continuing to allow excessive force. There is much room for improvement here and it is imperative that it is done.

CNNWashington Examiner

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