After New Jersey passed the right-to-die law on Friday, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo pushes for something similar in New York.

During a radio interview Cuomo said he supports the option of making doctor-assisted suicides legal for terminally ill patients.

“I say pass the bill,” Cuomo said during the radio interview. “It’s a controversial issue, it’s a difficult issue. The older we get and the better medicine gets, the more we’ve seen people suffer for too, too long.”

“I think it’s a situation that we have to address, definitely.”

This came as a surprise to one of the primary sponsors of the bill in the Senate, Sen. Diane Savino (D-State Island).

“That’s the first time he’s ever indicated that he would be supportive of this measure,” Savino replied. “I wasn’t aware he was thinking that way.”

More on the story from The New York Post:

Momentum for the legislation would give hope to New Yorkers who are looking for the option to end their lives after being diagnosed with terminal illnesses. But it sets up a contentious fight in Albany.

California legalized the practice in 2016. Colorado, Hawaii, Vermont, Washington State and the District of Columbia all have similar laws on the books.

This is obviously a very dangerous think to sign into law. When you give doctors the opportunity to "play God" things can become very dicey.

Despite people having the "right-to-die" law passed, there is no "right-to-live" law set to be passed to make sure newborn babies are born.

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