The mainstream media has been wrong all year. They blamed Russia and made excuses for Hillary. This new poll finds Democrats as uninformed, ignorant and easily played.

The Russia collusion theory is a lie. In fact, the only person to collude was the DNC. They did so when they helped Hillary Clinton defeat socialist crackpot Bernie Sanders. On top of that there was a fake Russian dossier that the Democrats and FBI set up to spy on Trump Tower.

This new poll shows how ignorant Democrats really are.

It shows that 92% of Democrats believe that Trump advisors had improper dealings with Russia.

New Poll Finds Democrats As Uninformed

New Poll Finds Democrats As Uninformed

The poll also shows that 43% of Republicans believe in this nonsense. Honestly, this number should be even lower.

Liberals have been screaming Russia for over a year now and there is absolutely no evidence that any improper contact was made with Russia by Trump officials.

President Trump said it best when he labeled it a "witch hunt."

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