Bill Clinton gets exposed over and over for being a piece of human garbage. New evidence on Bill Clinton exposed he is still dicking down bimbos.

There is new information that Bill and Hillary saw very little of each other while she was serving as Secretary of State.

Why didn't they see other? Well, Bill was terribly busy. He was busy with his 3 different sex partners. The first is Belinda Stronach, who is a divorced Canadian heiress. The second is divorced neighbor Julie Tauber McMahon. The third and final is actress Gina Gershon. There is even information surfacing that he was busy having affairs with more than three women!

Bill Clinton Exposed

Divorce Belinda Stronach (left),  divorce Julie Tauber McMahon (center) and  actress Gina Gershon (right)

Hillary has avoided outing her husband while the election is still going on. With the election going on it really is not an option. Don't count out Donald Trump and his team to do the necessary digging and get the juicy information that is surely out there.

Bill Clinton Exposed - Dicking Down Bimbos

This disgusting family is close to becoming the First Family of the United States. What is this country coming to? While Bill is out dicking down bimbos, Hillary is about to become president.

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