The New York Times posted a side-by-side photo comparing the Patriots 2015 and 2017 White House visits. Now, the New England Patriots blast the New York Times for posting a misleading White House photo.

The New York Times goal was to make it look like less people showed up for the visit to Trump's White House compared to Obama's White House. You know what the best part about this was? The Patriots calling them out on it!

Below is the very misleading photo the New York Times posted to portray that Trump has no support.

New England Patriots Blast the New York Times for Posting Misleading White House Photo, White House visits

Here is the New York Times tweet:

The Patriots posted their own photo and even thanked Trump for his graciousness during their visit.

Then the Patriots took it a step further and blasted the New York Times while pointing out that the photo lacks context.

As usual, the mainstream media attempted a drive-by on President Trump. This time the New England Patriots, of all people, held them accountable and exposed more #fakenews.



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