A new bill proposed by U.S. senators could impact truck drivers in the United States, if passed.

Senators Johnny Isakson and Chris Coons cosponsored a bill that would electronically limit semi-trucks to a top speed of 65 miles per hour. They claim that this would save lives on the highway.

In many states, the speed limit on the interstate is 70 to 85 miles per hour. Would it not make sense for tractor-trailers to keep up with the flow of traffic in those cases? Personally, I would think that such different speeds would be more dangerous and disrupt the flow of traffic.

Not to mention, this would affect their drive and delivery times, which are often quite strict to begin with.

Fox News reports:

They say it would take the place of a proposed Transportation Department regulation that has languished in the federal bureaucracy.

The bill would require all new trucks to have speed limiter software activated. It would also be extended to existing trucks that already have the technology. But it would not have to be retrofitted on rigs without the software.

The trucking industry says limiting truck speeds to 65 would create dangerous speed differentials with faster-traveling cars.

What do you think?

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