If we've learned one thing lately from watching the news and seeing what's going on right now, it's that we're the only ones that we can count on to protect us.

We're seeing on far too many occasions the police backing down and not standing up to the Antifa thugs who are assaulting the police and violently assaulting innocent Americans.

Sure, there are some who have weapons and caution needs to be exercised, but what really needs to be done is to bring in the National Guard and have them put on full-time duty protecting cities right now, but that's just one opinion and idea.

That's not going to solve the overall problem, but it will keep everyone safer while we sort this out.

Now, Antifa and Black Lives Matter activists are setting up another "autonomous zone", this time in Portland, Oregon.

Portland Police said on Tuesday evening a couple hundred protesters gathered at Revolution Hall in Southeast Portland and marched throughout the downtown area before ending their march at Pioneer Square, a public space in the center of downtown Portland.

Police say the group marched to the Justice Center, a county court building, and began blocking traffic by standing in the road and setting up barricades over the next several hours using industrial kitchen appliances, road blockades and flashing traffic signs. Authorities said the barricades blocked entire lanes of traffic.

During this time, demonstrators lit several fires in the streets, according to police.

The Pacific Northwest Youth Liberation Front, a group attributed with using social media to promote rallies and commentary on protests that have often ended in confrontations with the police in Portland, said protesters wanted to establish the Chinook Land Autonomous Territory, or CLAT.

“People are needed here ALL night long, especially in the early morning! Get on over rn! Bring some tents,” the groups Twitter page read early Wednesday, sharing an image of a barricade reading “ACAB,” an acronym meaning “All Cops Are Bastards,” and “Black Trans Lives Matter.”

Democratic leaders are letting criminals run their cities and it needs to come to an end.

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