Following BuzzFeed's lead, Netflix has the Internet on fire. Netflix announces new series 'Dear White People' and shows what they truly stand for.

“America needs a new voice of reason. Class begins..”

Netflix is letting white people know that they are out of touch and need to be schooled. Not just some white people. Everyone single one of them. Whether you are Bernie Sanders, Ann Coulter, Donald Trump or anyone else, if you are white then you need to be schooled.

Even though this video is completely trashing white people, white people who cancel their Netflix subscriptions are completely out of touch.

Maybe at this point you are wondering, at this point, who created this show? This guy.

And that's okay? Well, I guess the show did get one thing right. Jack Moore needs schooled. But not the way they had in mind.

Would it be alright if someone said these things about black people, Mexicans or anyone else? You know the answer. The left would be going completely insane.

“Dear white people. Here’s a list of acceptable Halloween costumes: pirate, slutty nurse, any of our first 43 presidents. Top of the list of unacceptable costumes: me.”

Yeah because that's white people do. Put on blackface and go out and celebrate Halloween. Has it happened? Sure. You don't need to blow up the comments of idiots in blackface. But by and large, white people do not go out for Halloween dressed as black people.

Netflix Announces New Series 'Dear White People', Dear Nextflix

Dear Netflix,

You are a private company and are allowed to do whatever you want. Just like we have the right to purchase whatever product we want. Your profits are going to plummet due to this move.


White People

We Need Your Help

We must hold Netflix accountable and make them pay for their mistake. First, we need to make this article go viral. Please do your part. Like and share this on Facebook. Next, we all need to cancel our Netflix subscriptions. They can call us racist, call us part of the problem and they can tell us we need "schooled" but as long as they don't get our money, they can say whatever they want.

Share this story and cancel Netflix. NOW!

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