After a successful trip to Saudi Arabia, President Trump moved on to Israel. He took what was believed to be the first direct flight from Saudi Arabia to Israel. The Egyptian said President Trump is, "a unique personality that is capable of doing the impossible." That is turning out to be true. It's no secret that Netanyahu was pulling for Trump in the election big time. He returned the love today. Netanyahu destroys Obama during meeting with Trump.

So it's needless to say that a Trump victory was a huge win for the Israeli people. Also, meaning never having to deal with Obama again was also a big-time win.

This remark threw big-time shade at Obama: “I want to tell you how much we appreciate the reassertion of American leadership in the Middle East.”

Watch the video to see it for yourself.

Netanyahu Destroys Obama

There was certainly a mutual respect between President Trump and Saudi King Salman. This region of the world certainly sees a big-time difference between Trump and Obama. There is hope for a terror-free future with these countries banding together.

Remember when Obama was set to bring world peace? President Trump has done more to move toward that in one day than Obama did in his whole 8 years.

Perhaps a deal could be brokered between Israel and the Arab world. It seemed like any impossibility not long ago. While that may not happen, it seems very likely that these countries will keep their issues out of the United States.

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