A new study has taken place by economists at Princeton and Harvard. According to the study, nearly 95% of Obama-created jobs were temporary or part-time.

This study reveals that these jobs ranged from temporary positions to contract positions to part-time "gigs."

President Obama

It also shows that females suffered the worst during his presidency. Feminine fields like education and medicine declined a great deal during Obama's run.

While Obama has touted that the unemployment rate is lower, there is more to it. Overall, there are 1 million less workers than there were before the Great Recession. One thing that did increase is the amount of people who are working in these part-time positions. It increased from being 10.7% of the workforce to 15.8%.

All this said, Obama believes that his administration was overall positive for the workforce. At a farewell press conference on Friday, he stated, "Since I signed Obamacare into law (in 2010), our businesses have added more than 15 million new jobs."

While the lower unemployment rate does look to be a positive, the number of people working is clearly a more important statistic. While the unemployment rate is lower, that is only because more people are drawing money in other ways besides employment. This is not a positive thing for the economy.

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