Owner of Atilis Gym, Frank Trumbetti was once again confronted and harassed by the New Jersey police as he has promised that he will keep his business open until they put him in jail.

“I will not close my doors again unless I’m behind bars,” shouted Frank Trumbetti to a crowd of supporters Tuesday morning. “And I guarantee you this door will be open every single day.”

For the second day in a row, supporters of the gym gathered in the parking lot to show their support of the gym and the business owner as they defy the Governor's orders. Employees of the gym asked supporters outside to please be respectful in the even law enforcement shows up.

The police did return to the gym issuing them their second $2,000 fine and arrested a patron.

Philadelphia Inquirer reporter Ellie Rushing reported that the man said, “I asked them why they needed my name and the next thing I knew they were handcuffing me.” The patron was immediately arrested and charged with breaking the governor’s stay at home order and obstruction of justice.


On Monday, King Governor Phil Murphy warned the gym, telling them that they would face a “different reality than the one they faced today” if they continue to violate his order.

“Anyone who shows up again tomorrow will face a different reality than today,” Murphy said. “We have to enforce this, but we don’t want to start World War III.”

Governor Murphy may say that he's not wanting to start a war, but that's exactly what he's doing contrary to what he says.

Mayor of Bellmawr, Charles J. Sauter, III is trying to stay neutral, but in reality, there is no neutrality when it comes to this sort of situation. You're either for the business owner, or you're against him. You either interpose to defend his rights, or you let his rights and his business be trampled upon.

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