Navy SEAL veteran Eli Crane completely decimated David Hogg's 5-point plan to end gun violence. Crane, who also happens to be the owner of Bottle Breacher, first critiqued Hogg's 5 point plan. This left many wondering what kind of plan he would have to stop school shootings.

Crane is the father of two girls, so he took this plan very seriously. He said his plan “isn't something I put out there lightly or with the intent to be sensational. Every time I do a threat assessment of a school with an emphasis on an active shooter, the primary thought process and mentality looks something like this.”

Navy SEAL Shuts Down David Hogg's Absurd Plan to End Gun Violence

He said it's important to put yourself in the mind of someone who is going to commit a crime like this. This is similar to how troops overseas reinforce their own defenses.


If I wanted to come back to this school in the very near future and do something terrible, how would I do it? What weapons would I bring? Would it be difficult to get them on the campus? Where would I make entry? What is the average response time of the local police? What time of day is the most optimal? These are just a few of the questions I ask while surveying the facility. It is a terribly disturbing mental exercise to go through, but seeing the situation through the eyes of a depraved monster is the way to stop them. After leaving the mindset of a predator, I quickly transform back into my natural state as a sheepdog, or protector if you will, and begin asking myself a whole different series of questions. What would stop me? What security measures would prevent me from attacking this school and moving on to a softer target? This is the same mentality and same set of questions we would ask in the military when beefing up security on our bases and outposts.

So along with a couple other concerned parents, we spent an afternoon walking the campus looking at entry and exit points, camera systems, perimeters, alarms and much, much more. Upon completion of our assessment, the irony of the A-plus school sign that hung proudly on the front wall for all to see stood in very sharp contrast to the D-minus security rating on my threat assessment scorecard. The most surprising and disturbing part of the assessment was that when I asked the very kind and cooperative principal what the response plan for an active shooter was, an uncomfortable silence was followed by a timid, “We don't really have one.”

Crane also suggested parents get more involved in figuring out with the school plans are in case of this type of disaster.

  1. Is there a plan for an active shooter?
  2. Is there an armed guard or school resource officer?
  3. Is there a solid perimeter, wall, or fence of respectable height around the school?
  4. Are there any trauma bags with tourniquets, bandages and other lifesaving gear around the campus; do staff members have any basic medical training?
  5. Do primary entrance/exit points have metal detectors or security controls to prevent unwanted intruders and weapons?
  6. Is there a monitored, contemporary camera system that overlooks the majority of the campus and its surroundings?
  7. Do classrooms and auditoriums have sufficient locking mechanisms in case a lockdown is necessary? Can windows be quickly blacked out to prevent visibility of children's location in the classroom?
  8. Are any types of security drills being run?
  9. Are decision-makers and top-level school officials open to assessment and allocating funding for improvements?
  10. Is there a personal relationship with local police departments and officers that routinely patrol the area?
  11. Are there any backup communication equipment or plans in case primary coms are down?

Crane prays that this recent epidemic of school shootings becomes a distant memory. That's something we can all agree on. That said, he laid out a strong game plan for how to deal with these mass shootings.

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