First, the Washington Post published an article by columnist Max Boot, which defended ISIS founder and leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. He claims that the terrorist didn't die like a "coward" as President Trump had stated.

Al-Baghdadi died when he ran into a cave with three children, where he blew himself up via a suicide vest, killing himself as well as the children. He did this to avoid being captured by U.S. forces.

Now, National Public Radio (NPR) is praising Baghdadi as a "real leader." Sure, if you call a man who beheaded three Americans in addition to enslaving and killing another American, then yeah. Sure. A man who is responsible for countless deaths of innocent people could be considered a leader if you're a sadist, maybe.

“His leadership was critical,” -Greg Myre 

NPR host Lulu Garcia-Navarro led a discussion with other NPR reporters: Greg Myre, Tamara Keith and Daniel Estrin. She asked them how they felt about Baghdadi's death, and the response is not what you'd expect.

“He led a movement that we’ve never seen before,” Myre exclaimed, “ISIS had tens of thousands of members, fighters, coming in from all over the world.”

“They controlled massive amounts of territory — in Eastern Syria and Western and Northern Iraq,” he said, “They administered cities, they collected taxes."

“They had this incredible online recruit presence in terms of spreading propaganda; recruiting followers. This is a guy that sort of emerged on the scene.” Myre added, “And led this group that had done something we’d never seen before."

He continued about the terrorist leader, “This isn’t the end of ISIS, but he was a real leader. It’s not somebody that they can just appoint somebody else; take over, and the movement continues.”

Click here for the full discussion.

Yikes. Can someone explain to these people that the only good terrorist is a dead one? No, he was not a "real leader." He was a murderer and a terrorist. I hope he enjoys meeting God face to face and enduring his eternity in hell.

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