The NFL has had a hard time figuring out why their ratings have dropped. The national anthem protests caused NFL ratings to drop according to a survey that was released on Wednesday.

This survey had 9,200 respondents. There were questions asked about whether or not they tuned into NFL games last season and if so, why. Twenty-six percent of the viewers in the poll said the reason they watched fewer games was because of the national anthem protests which were made popular by Colin Kaepernick.

National Anthem Protests

National Anthem Protests, Colin Kaepernick

There were other reasons for not viewing the games. Some of those include off-the-field issues like domestic violence and game delays, such as commercials.

More on the story, per Daily Caller:

Much of the blame for the steady decline in viewership was originally directed toward the presidential election. The Atlantic even ran a story in which it completely disregarded the protests as a reason for poor ratings. However, ratings had a slight increase immediately following the election, making this assertion unviable.

The presidential election came in fourth, 16 percent, in reasons why people didn’t tune in to watch the NFL, according to the survey.

Other reasons for why viewers wouldn’t tune in were excessive commercials, 20 percent, and a lack of cable, 5 percent.

The NFL continues to pretend that their viewership is not dropping. They like to pretend that Colin Kaepernick's anti-American stance did not hurt their product. Clearly, his disgusting actions had an impact on their popularity.

What do you think about the dropping ratings of the NFL? Is it something they need to worry about or are they still the king of American sports and are certain to bounce back?

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