With things she has said in the past, Nancy Pelosi has set the bar very low for herself. Well, the bar continues to go lower with remarks like this.

She has completely lost her mind. First off, she problem isn't that immigrants need an easier path to enter the United States. How could she possibly think that is the issue being solved by the wall? Second, she says if we repair the border roads it makes it easier for immigrants to enter the United States.

You can debate what kind of leaders the Democratic Party has, but there's no debate that Nancy Pelosi isn't very bright. She has turned the area she represents into a dump. Despite this she still represents the Bay Area and continues to get elected by them. So should we even feel sorry for them?

How on earth is improving roads along the border going to fix the issues with illegal immigration? Will the roads being improved make them no longer illegal entry points? Of course they won't, this is a terrible idea.

A few people have been gracious enough to take time out of their day and completely own Pelosi. Dan Crenshaw is new on the block and hasn't yet grown tired of making Nancy Pelosi look foolish.

The left in general should think a little more before they dispute the need of the border wall. Jim Acosta went viral because of his self-own down at the border.

It was nice of Jim Acosta to go down to the border and illustrate how well border walls and fences are working.


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