House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has abandoned her stance completely on not wanting to impeach President Trump, at least it appears that way. I still think that she really is against the idea, but she's been pushed into a wall and can't get out. I also think she fears that if she doesn't go with a crowd of Democrats demanding Trump's head that she would lose her seat in the House.

Now she has announced that she's urging Nadler to move forward with the impeachment voting process.

According to FoxNews,

Pelosi, during her televised remarks about impeachment on Thursday, did not suggest any particular timeline for a vote, saying only, "We will proceed in a manner worthy of our oath of office."

The timing of such a vote could be indicative of whether Pelosi has enough Democrats to vote to impeach: Pelosi is a master at reading her caucus. If she has the votes, she’ll likely give the green light to impeach on the floor. If she doesn’t have the votes, impeachment could wait -- conceivably until the New Year.

A major milepost, though, could come at 5 p.m. Friday: Democrats have said the Trump administration has until the close of business to decide if it will cooperate with the investigation or try to defend the president. If the administration says it’s willing to play, then impeachment could stretch out a bit. If not, Democrats may operate under a compressed timeframe.

What this all means is that Pelosi is going to try and drag this out until she can be sure that every Democrat needed to move this to a full-on impeachment is ready.

With 233 Democrats in the House and only needing 216 of them, it should be an easy vote to get President Trump impeached. If that's the case, you can be sure that not a single Democrat actually cares about facts and the Constitution.

However, there have been some Democrats who have actually opposed the impeachment inquiry from the get-go.

“This is a hard vote to make one way or the other,” said Rep. Jeff Van Drew, who remains skeptical of the impeachment efforts.

Republicans are hopeful that some of the 31 Democrats from districts that supported Trump in 2016 could be the key to defeating the impeachment effort. They would need 19 of them to vote against it.

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