Far left Nancy Pelosi is back at it. She is completely insane and is pushing the Democratic Party to join her in complete insanity.

Over the weekend, the former Speaker of the House told the audience that for anyone who doesn't agree with the agenda of her party there could be collateral damage.

At this point she has definitely lost it. Earlier in her speech she called for everyone in attendance to respect the dignity and worth of all people in this country.

She is insane. Is she trying to say that people who aren't Democrats don't deserve to live? Statements like that are exactly what divides this country.

"Collateral damage" is a phrase that is used by the military. It is referring to unintended injuries or death that occur in a deployment of weapons. Pelosi seems to think this is something that is okay to happen to American citizens.

Would the 58 deaths in Las Vegas be considered collateral damage? You can't simply kill people you don't agree with.

Yet all the liberal media wants to talk about is how crazy Donald Trump's fault is. It's his fault even though the leaders of the Democratic Party are openly calling for violence and "collateral damage."

Just last week there were two more Republican candidates assaulted. One of them will take 3 to 5 weeks for their recovery.

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