It's easy to see that the Democratic Party is in shambles. There are many reasons why this is the case. For one, former President Obama left a disastrous eight years behind where he did serious damage to the party. Then when you look all over the party, there is not a lot to be hopeful for. After all, they nominated Hillary Clinton to run for president. Heck, Socialist Bernie Sanders would have been their candidate, but the Democratic Party cheated him out of the nomination.

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Then there's Nancy Pelosi. Nancy Pelosi can't name the leader of the Democratic Party. Watch the video.

Per American Rising PAC:

Yesterday, a Harvard-Harris poll showed the full scope of the Democratic leadership vacuum. A plurality of people said “no one” was currently leading the party, while two of the politicians who received large percentages were Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, both retired.

Now it appears that this inability to name actual, current leaders doesn’t just plague rank and file Democrats, but their Congressional leaders as well. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi was asked by Anderson Cooper who the leader of the Democratic Party was. While that should be an easy question for someone like Pelosi, it stumped her, as she could not name anyone but Obama and Clinton:

Was Pelosi drunk? It sure sounded like it. I'll say it again. This party is a complete disaster. Thanks, Obama!

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