More proof that Nancy Pelosi is out of her mind. Nancy Pelosi calls the minority prayer rally in San Francisco a "white supremacist event."

Joey Gibson is leading the Patriot Prayer Rally in San Francisco. Let's go over some quick facts about Joey. First, he is not a white supremacist. Second, he is not even white.

Nancy Pelosi has called this a "white supremacist rally." She is pushing hard to have it shut down.

The organizer, Joey Gibson, went on Tucker Carlson to promote the rally and talk about Pelosi's lies. It's important to note that none of the speakers at the event will be white and that racists will not be allowed to enter the event.

Here's Joey on Tucker Carlson Tonight.

This deranged woman is one of the leaders of the Democratic Party. If that doesn't tell you something about the state of their party, I don't know what will.

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