Joe Biden needs to just come to grips with the reality that he is completely out of touch with society and modern technology, more so than any other presidential candidate in history, and that includes Hillary Clinton.

As you already know, the coronavirus is affecting everything that we are doing today, or maybe I should say everything that we're not doing since most of us have hunkered down and are staying or working at home.

I think with all the news surrounding the coronavirus, many people have forgotten that there is still an election going on. In less than 9 months, we're going to go vote for who we want as our next president and in just 4 months or less until we have a definitive answer of who will be running against President Trump.

Biden and Sanders are the only two Democrats remaining now that Tulsi Gabbard has officially suspended her campaign.

The coronavirus is creating a problem with Biden and Sanders not being able to go and hold rallies in the states that they need to win and this can hurt their chances of winning.

So Biden's campaign took action to host an online rally for Illinois last week since he can't do it in person. It was a glorious wreck that you just can't turn your head away from.

One of the things that Biden did was prove he's not mentally there because he didn't even know when he would be president if he won the election.

“Providing for the additional funding that would provide for no hidden bills etc,” Biden said. “And I could get it done and I could get it done quickly and people would be covered. But even I can’t do that for another two year, another year, between now and November. Or actually January.”

The best part though was when Biden just wanders off camera while he's in the middle of answering a question. This guy has no idea of what is going on. I honestly do believe that he is in the early stages of Alzheimer's.

You'll notice that someone tried to cover up the walk-off by inserting the Biden logo into the video.

Here is the full town hall if you'd like to see it. It's worth a good laugh.

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