Liberals like to push the message that Islam is a religion of peace. Obviously, this not always true. You know this. You watch the news. President Trump isn't trying to enforce a travel ban for nothing. Much of their religion is rooted around hatred and violence. Take this lady for example. She pushes a vulnerable image of herself and then tries to take advantage of it. This Muslim lady asks police for help then pulls out a knife and tries to kill him. Watch the video.

Muslim Lady Tries to Stab Police Officer

Doesn't seem like "the religion of peace" to me. How about you?

You have to look at the heart of the reason for the travel ban. President Trump wants to keep his country safe. If this ban keeps even one dangerous terrorist from entering the United States, then it was a good move. Think about the events that have happened in this country. The mass shooting that increased big-time while President Obama was in office.

You can call me a racist if you want, but I want our country to be safe. Putting a hold on refugees entering this country is a move that is all about safety. It doesn't make me racist.

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