I seriously thought this was a joke or a satire piece when I first read this bit of news, but sure enough, it's true.

Liberals will do absolutely anything to try and take control of everything they can so that they can win the upcoming elections.

According to Noah Berlatsky who writes for NBC News, said that a racist is anyone who votes for Trump and is white and that they are violating the Constitution.

He claims that those that are white and agreed with the President campaign slogan “Make America Great Again” are racists. So to be clear, according to Noah, if you are white and supported Trump you are a racist.

I know the media distort the truth, but geez...this is really bad. Here's what NBC said,

If the Trump era has taught us anything, it's that large numbers of white people in the United States are motivated at least in part by racism in the voting booth. Donald Trump ran an openly racist campaign for president, calling Mexicans rapists and criminals, regularly retweeting white supremacists and at least initially balking at repudiating former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke. Trump made it clear in his campaign that "Make America Great Again" meant that America was greater when white people's power was more sweeping and more secure. White voters approved of that message by a whopping 58 percent to 37 percent.

They're still trying to make this out as a race thing. They completely ignore the fact that a large percentage of black Americans now support President Trump, and I promise you it's not because of racism.

Berlatsky continued:

“When voters go to the booth, they’re not expressing a mere personal preference,” Smith told me. According to Smith, voters who pull the levers to harm black people are violating the Constitution. If the Constitution means that overt racist appeals undermine the legality of union elections, it stands to reason that they undermine the legality of other elections, as well.

Who gets to decide what a racist is? I guess everything in today's society arbitrary and subjective.

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