President Trump has done a lot of boasting about the border wall and how it's strong. So strong in fact that it's nearly impossible to knock down.

That's why when a small portion of the wall well down recently after some strong winds, the media and the liberals jumped all over it.

Take a look at some of the headlines that the fake news outlets came out with:

CNN: Portion of US border wall in California falls over in high winds and lands on Mexican side

NBC News: Portions of California border wall wilt and fall into Mexico after high winds

HuffPost: “Trump’s signature border wall fell over in Mexico from high winds a day after he boasted about the strength of his barrier.”

AJ+: Part of President Trump’s proposed border wall fell over because of high winds.

NowThis: “Strong gusts of wind knocked over new sections of Trump’s border wall into Mexico”

Did you happen to notice that every one of these are left-leaning outlets?

The sad thing is that these article headlines are completely misleading. It is absolutely true that a small portion of the wall was knocked down by strong winds, but there's a key detail that's missing. The portion that fell had not yet been anchored down.

Washington Post border reporter Nick Miroff also stated that these headlines are misleading and specifically called out CNN’s coverage of the incident. He tweeted: “I get the urge to dunk on the border wall, but this is misleading. The panels that fell over in the wind were not anchored yet. You can clearly see that in the photo. And adjacent sections did NOT fall, likely because the concrete base had time to harden.”

“When there are issues, flaws, problems etc with the border wall and its construction, we will continue to cover them. This incident was not one of those.”

Here is one of the posts from HuffPost:

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