orlando mosque omar mateen

The mosque that Orlando terrorist Omar Mateen attended is asking for more security due to fear of attack from haters of Islam. The police had quite the rebuttal.

Per Mad World News:

Muslims worshipers at the mosque Omar Mateen attended before shooting 49 people to death in an Orlando nightclub claim they’re being terrorized by “Islamophobia.” In an attempt to crack down on what they believe are hate crimes, they told the sheriff’s office that they need police security at their mosque to feel safer. However, instead of caving to their demands, the police department gave a response they never expected to hear.

Mosque-goers at the same mosque in which Omar Mateen soaked up the violent commands against gays and unbelievers believe they are experiencing something much worse than the mass slaughter of infidels by devout Muslims like their own congregant. Claiming that they are suffering from perceived Islamophobia, the Islamic Center of Fort Pierce cited several alleged instances in which they were so afraid that they feared for their lives, according to Think Progress.

“Incidents started to happen — people started to drive by and shout racial slurs,” Wilfredo Ruiz said. “And last Friday, when worshippers were exiting their services during the rain, cars were driving by splashing them. These people do feel very insecure, and legitimately afraid for their safety.”

Believing this to be deserving of the taxpayer-funded police protection, the mosque approached the county sheriff’s office for a security detail to protect worshipers from offensive remarks and rogue puddles. You can imagine their surprise when the entitled Muslims didn’t get their way.

“At this time we have received no indication of safety concerns related to retaliation,” the St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office stated. “At the time of the request, we were unable to provide sufficient personnel to grant the request due to other contractual obligations.”

The sheriff’s office added that security detail requests depend on staffing levels, which the department simply cannot provide since they are still too busy with the aftermath of the Orlando shooting carried out by their fellow congregant.

In other words, the police would love to help, but you keep producing terrorists, which is a much more important detail requiring their full attention than your concern over hatred for producing said terrorists.

Seems they were too quick to play the victim card, when nothing had happened to grant it. If the mosque does not condemn the actions of Mateen, they are just as much in the wrong.


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