We are over a month into the NFL season and the kneeling and protesting of the national anthem continues. Doesn't matter if President Trump criticizes the move, the NFL commissioner asks them to not do so, or ratings continue to go down the drain. The NFL players are still highly motivated to take a knee, even during a moment when paying respect to a fallen officer.

On Sunday the New Orleans Saints took the field and stood for the national anthem. One issue with that. Moments prior to the national anthem, the Saints took a knee. This was during a planned moment of silence for fallen New Orleans police officer Marcus McNeil.

Fans were irate about this and they let the team know it.

And just to be clear, police officers were not happy with this either. Big surprise, right?

One law enforcement officer spoke with Independent Journal Review on the condition of anonymity.

"I'm just upset by the whole thing because until you've worn the uniform or bled on the badge or held the hand of a dying officer, they have no clue what we go through.

They try to say they took a knee to honor the officer, but they're still kneeling for the flag.

This was not a career choice for me. This is a calling. I understand the risk. I understand it is a thankless profession. I understand my family is constantly worried. I understand that some that I help don't like me because of the uniform I wear, but I will always run to help them anyway.

I am familiar with little sleep, little pay, and medical issues associated with stress. I also know the feeling of a life slipping away while you hold someone's hand. I also know how it feels to tell a mother that a child (no matter how old) has died. I've seen things that horror stories could never relay to an audience.

I've bled for the badge I wear. I've been hospitalized. I've had rounds fly by my head far more times than I wish (or have told my wife). I do not do this job with hate or ill intent in my heart. I do the job to set an example for my children and the children that I meet everyday.

Many may see us in our uniforms or tactical gear and think what a stone cold person, but they will never know how we hurt. We will never admit to being in tears because a memory flashed back from the most horrific time on the job. We will never speak of sleepless nights because your brain will not shut off. We will never hint at thoughts of alcoholism, drug use or suicide to block the pain (both physical and mental).

I've lost many Brothers and Sisters during my career due to this calling both on duty and due to suicide.

I will put on my uniform, my equipment and my badge no matter how the day before went.

No matter where you are from or what your background is, when one of us falls, we all mourn."

There is not much to add to what this powerful law enforcement officer hard to say.

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