Quite possibly the strangest pregnancy and birth to have ever taken place in the history of mankind just happened in the U.K.

A trans "man", and her "non-binary" partner have had a baby. That alone is strange, but it takes a turn on the bizarre side.

Okay, that's weird enough just leaving it at that, but it gets MUCH worse...

The trans man is the one who had the baby because she is a biological female. The non-binary is also a female. We all know that this scenario doesn't work for having a baby. They used a sperm donor who actually identifies as a woman.

And to top things off, the doctor was trans also.

Everyone is considering the baby as a miracle baby.

According to Breitbart,

39-year-old Reuben Sharpe, who began living as a man twelve years ago, gave birth to a child described by the left-wing Mirror as a “miracle baby” in “Britain’s most modern family” after two rounds of fertility treatment.

28-year-old Jay, Sharpe’s partner, was born a woman but has had a double mastectomy and now identifies as “non-binary”, so the pair had to inseminate Sharpe using donor sperm — which was provided by a trans woman who had retained their male sexual organs.

“It’s taken six years to get this far, but now we have a baby in our arms and that was the end goal. I finally feel complete,” said Sharpe.

“It wasn’t that I was desperate to have the birthing experience or pregnancy experience, but I wanted a child and I had the facility to do it.

“Both of our families love kids. I was so glad my family were as excited about our baby as they were their other grandkids.”

Everyone is treating them as though they are the hottest celebrities, but when you consider the reality of everything, there is nothing miraculous at all about it.

The “transgender man,” is actually a “biological woman” who “identifies as a man.”

The “female” donor is actually a “biological man” who “identifies as a woman.”

Therefore, a biological male donated sperm that got a biological woman pregnant.

So while birth is a miracle in and of itself, there was nothing spectacularly miraculous about this whole thing.

Photo Credit: Mirror

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