Midterm elections are just two weeks away, yet there is a massive caravan of migrants that are stealing many of the top headlines. Very interesting timing, wouldn't you say?

President Trump called for this caravan to be stopped at the Mexican border, but that did not happen. It's looking more and more likely that there will be a massive international incident that happens at the United States border with Mexico in the coming days. The caravan has swelled to 14,000 people. Many of these people are angry with President Trump.

Mexico closed their border with Guatemala as the caravan approached. The migrants were able to get around it buy using boats to cross the Mexican border.

central america migrant caravan

The caravan is still moving north and gaining stream. According to a Mexican newspaper, the number of people in the group has grown to 14,000.

Mexican police, who failed to stop them at that country’s border with Guatemala, now serve as escorts for the caravan as it barrels north, its members clear that they have no intention of staying in Mexico, and have eyes only for the U.S.

New estimates cited by El Universal, a Mexican newspaper, say the caravan now has 14,000 people, many of them already in Mexico while others still wait.

If this is an accurate number, then the number of migrants has more than doubled and it's very likely it grows even larger.

President Trump has taken a stance that this caravan will not be allowed to enter the United States. He is very concerned that there could be Middle Eastern terrorists and gang members within the migrants.

Per Daily Mail:

President Donald Trump dared a TV reporter on Monday to go with his camera crew from the White House to southern Mexico, promising that they would find drug cartel gangsters and out-of-place Middle Easterners embedded in a massive column of migrants who aim to cross into the United States.

‘I have reports that they’ve got a lot of everybody in that group. It’s a horrible thing,’ Trump told journalists on the South Lawn of the White House as he left for a Texas campaign rally.

He insisted during one exchange that a mid-morning tweet about ‘[c]riminals and unknown Middle Easterners’ would be proven true – that they’re really there – if reporters would only look in the right places.

President Trump has taken to Twitter to pledge that the United States will close the border if that is what is necessary.


When Trump was asked how many troops would be used to keep the caravan out, Trump replied, "as many as necessary."

It should come as no surprise that these migrants are extremely angry with Trump. They have went as far as calling him "the Antichrist."

These migrants are insane and need to be kept out of our country. Trump is not the Antichrist. He is simply trying to make the most out of a tough situation that these migrants have created.

This has done irreparable damage to the United States-Mexico relationship. Instead of stopping this caravan, Mexico is allowing it to gain steam and head straight for the border.

Mexico's new president has even made it clear that he supports these deranged migrants.

Per USA Today:

The president’s successor, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, who assumes office in December, won his election in part by vowing to fight back against Trump and doing what was in the best interest of Mexico, not necessarily the United States. He said last week that Mexico should give work visas to the would-be refugees, which could grant them freedom of movement throughout the country and lead them to the U.S. border.

These "freedom-seeking" migrants hate America. They are trying to get into this country to destroy it. For instance, these two people in Honduras burn an American flag that has a swastika painted on it.

honduras american flag swastika

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