President Trump planned an unusual White House visit Clemson's National Championship team and the left is up in arms. In response, Michael Strahan has decided to make it all about him and invite them for a lobster dinner that he will pay for.

While the government is in the midst of a shutdown, President Trump made the executive decision of inviting the team over and having fast food and pizza. President Trump paid for this himself. Much to the chagrin of the left, the team loved it.

"I personally ... I would like to invite the Clemson football team here for a great meal," the former New York Giants superstar said on "Good Morning America."

First the left was irritated that the team is even going to the Trump White House. After that they were incensed that he was going to feed them fast food and burgers. But what made them the most angry? When the Clemson players loved the experience and gobbled up all of the burgers and pizza.

Is the entire Clemson team going to take a trip to Good Morning America and eat lobster and caviar with Michael Strahan? Probably not, but that's not of his concern. He has the entire nation talking about him and that was the end goal.

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